Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Getting Wacked! A Head Injury Primer for Coaches and Parents

'The phrase "head injury" can mean different things to different people; when an emergency doctor talks about "minor head injury", we mean those injuries to the head that result in any of the following:
* a period of unconciousness
* confusion
* amnesia
* a change in behavior
* significant headache
* vomiting
Another term sometimes used for "minor head injury" is "concussion". Any one of these symptoms means that your child has experienced a minor head injury (at least) and needs to be assessed immediately...'

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steve said...

This is terrific information for dealing with athletes with minor head injuries and concussions.
It seems that 25 % of the sport events I attend an athlete sustains what I would say is a minor head injury, "ding" or has his / her bell rung" and / or concussed. My experience is that parents , coaches and athletes are not aware of the risks, assessment and actions steps required to respond to these injuries. Athletes are continuing to 'play on" after a brief rest and even if they do not continue the game they are "back at it" for the next practice session.

This information is excellent and I plan to use this as my first source for parents, athletes and coaches.

Steve Crane